build you a bed of roses
to dream in as petals descend
which crowd around your golden pillow
where every rainbow ends
the rainbow ends
the rainbow must end

our south facing windows will gaze
on a dazzling crystalline sea
which i'll smooth like our sheets every morning
then retrieve sunken dreams carefully
swap your pains, for mother of pearl
i'll do all your laughing and crying
with an ace up each sleeve for you girl

i promise you my love if you want it
if you're sinking, i'll sing you my psalm
in this craziest of times
my rope ladder you can climb
and the scariest of storms i will calm

i'll lie through my teeth if you need it
kiss it better, should tragedy strike
all your sorrows i'll impale
gladly go straight to jail
have the devil dance a jig if you like

consider your wishes all granted
cream from a bottomless cup
i'll be at your beck and call endless
like a kitchen roll, just use me up
use me up
just use me up
the drizzle i'll turn into fine wine
to serve on a tray in the den
and all i'll have raining from heaven
are pennies, pounds, deutschmarks or yen
i'll turn the clouds to diamanté
and pile them up each rosy red dawn
into castles, to keep bad at bay
and only good moods i'll allow in
the dark ones must wait by the door
have them feed all heartaches
to a huge flock of doves
who will pull our dreamboat from the shore

i promise you my love if you want it...

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