now you're such a splendid actress
you can play all the parts on your own
no extra, i'll be
in the crowd scene around your home

you think that you're really 'something'
just like in george's song
your magic is gunned down
so partner, you just hopalong

and all your excuses, your sniffles and sorries
are blatantly crocodile tears
and your lament, rehearsed so well
's not touching me

excuse me if i was yawning
i've seen your tricks so much
the wages of sin, not worth spending on you
i'm saving up

your scenery's flat and
your show is so boring
it's always the same old act
the flowers at the stagedoor
are from me, mr. missed opportunity

i've had enough of your slippery tongue
i've had enough of your stings my honeybee
i've had enough of your blows my champion
now we're finished as you can see

queen of your own tiny planet
lit by the sun of your glow
i'm dropping some truth bricks
put on your helmet, look out below!

your film just flickered to its finish
it's the end of your last tour
so i'm painting over
the star that was on your door

collect your duty free kiss
at the departure gate
one swig of you is always too much
strange how your laxative love potion
isn't moving me

i've had enough ...

so pack your bags with your dirty behaviour
you're a stain that i'm too embarrassed to show
take your fingers off my collar
you're an accident had long ago

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