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New York 26th of February live@letzte-version.de - Every inch of you incredible...

come on let's gather up the stars

Tonight, when it's midnight in Manhattan - somewhere in the remote streets of New York - something like a dream will have come true for Herbert, I guess...
Probably captivated by the magnificence of this city, he must have been thinking about giving a concert there for a long time already... in 2007 it almost became a reality, but unfortunately, the scheduled show had to be cancelled.

However, tonight - 7:00PM EST- it's finally going to happen:

Herbert Grönemeyer live in New York City...!

somehow I feel sure that this will be one of his "very special moments"...

Having been moved from The Beacon Theatre to the smaller setting of Irving Plaza, which is described as a "ballroom-style music venue", the concert is now going to take place in a more intimate atmosphere. That sounds great! By the way, bands like the Ramones and U2 have already taken the stage there before!

Among the audience:

Bloß geliebt, cungal, fjäril, Hesselinho, Laurel, mambo

I wonder whether Herbert will be a little bit nervous or even touched tonight? Which songs will be performed? Maybe an evening full of surprises?

Immediately after the show,
Bloß geliebt and mambo are going to provide us with any information! Thank you for sharing! We are looking forward to however little detail and impression!

All those present there tonight... have a great time... and enjoy this special concert!!! Everybody at home... feel free to talk about your expectations for tonight's show!

If you'd like to find out more about the setting of Irving Plaza or the fascinating city of New York:
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